Near real-time emergency and disaster information. The "event_update" API is associated with this api.

Limitation: Query time interval must be less than one minute. This will allow 1440 queries per day.

Resource URL


api_key Authentication API key Required None
id Query an event with a specific ID True None
area_code Query events in the RSQ area_code True None
country_code Query based on RS country code. The query returns all events with that country code. True None
category_main_code Query events by main category code True None
subcategory_code Query events by subcategory code True None
limit Maximum number of results True 20


Method: POST


    "api_key" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


  "type": "FeatureCollection",
  "metadata": {
      "generated": "Thu, 03 Sep 2020 04:34:37 +0000",
      "url": "",
      "title": "IDEMC - Emergency and disaster information near real-time.",
      "status": 200,
      "message": "Data has been published",
      "api": "1.0.4",
      "count": 10,
      "auth": 1
  "features": [
          "id": "16",
          "type": "Feature",
          "geometry": {
              "type": "Point",
              "coordinates": [
          "properties": {
              "main_category": "Biology Hazard",
              "sub_category": "animal attack",
              "main_category_code": "BH",
              "sub_category_code": "AAT",
              "event_id": "16",
              "event_code": "BH-AAT/00016/IND",
              "event_date": "2019-12-09T15:30:42+00:00",
              "event_update": "2019-12-09T15:30:42+00:00",
              "location": {
                  "area_code": "01",
                  "area_name": "Asia",
                  "country_code": "1010",
                  "country_name": "India",
                  "administration_area": "State of Gujarat",
                  "other_location": "",
                  "settlement": "Bagasra",
                  "area_range": "Local event"
              "cap_information": {
                  "cap_urgency": "Past",
                  "cap_certainty": "Observed",
                  "cap_severity": "Extreme",
                  "cap_category": "Safety"
              "event_description": "Bagasara taluka in Amreli district has been under the siege of man-eating leopards that have not only left villagers terrorized, but are keeping an entire administration on its toes. Continuing to strike on unsuspecting villagers, a big cat on Saturday night attacked a woman in Lundhiya village inside her home leaving her severely wounded and battling for life. According to the forest officers, a dramatic turn of events led the leopard to barge into 45-year-old Jaya Malvi's house. According to case details, the forest department was given orders to the cage or shoot the big cats after two farmers in Bagasara taluka were mauled to death. To execute the orders, the department set up 30-odd cages on the outskirts of these villages. On Saturday when foresters were keeping a watch on the baits set in these cages, a leopard suddenly preyed upon a calf. "When we saw the big cat attack the calf, we started chasing it with our jeep. At this, the leopard panicked and started running towards Lundhiya village and broke into the house of Malvi. Here it found the woman and attacked her. "The neighbors rushed in to save Malvi after hearing her cries for help, but by then the big cat had already extracted flesh from her chest, throat, and ribs. The woman was taken to Junagadh Civil Hospital, where she is battling for her life," said a senior forest officer. On Saturday, a leopard attacked Chagan Barjod, a farm laborer from Rajasthan when he was asleep in his hut along with two other laborers at around 3 am. Forest officials said that the big cat entered the hut from the broken roof and grabbed Barjod by his throat. The other two laborers saw the leopard and scared the animal away and rush Barjod to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival. On Friday, the leopard had attacked another farm laborer on the outskirts of Shapar village in Bagasara taluka, injuring him. A day before that the leopard dragged away farmer Vaju Board in Munjiyasar village, who was sleeping outside his hut after watering the cotton farm. The animal took Borad to a distance where it tore apart the man's abdomen and is also suspected to have eaten body parts. State forest minister Ganpat Vasava said that the state government had made elaborate arrangements to cage the man-eater leopards. He said that if required, the rogue big cats would be shot dead.",
              "casualties": {
                  "dead": 2,
                  "injured": 2,
                  "affected": 2,
                  "evacuated": 0,
                  "missing": 0,
                  "infected": 0
              "confidence_level": "Authentic source",
              "data_confidence": 1

Error Response

    "type": "FeatureCollection",
    "metadata": {
        "generated": "Mon, 25 Nov 2019 16:15:54 +0000",
        "url": "",
        "title": "IDEMC - Emergency and disaster information near real-time.",
        "status": 600,
        "message": "Wrong, missing or expired api key",
        "api": "1.0.4",
        "auth": 0

Resource Information

Rate Limited True
Response Format GeoJSON
Authentication Yes